Training and graduation in Germany:
A unique opportunity for Vietnamese nurses

The German Hospital Holding “Mittelbayerisches Rehabilitationszentrum”(MBRZ), which is recognized as a training facility for nurses, offers Vietnamese nurses a further qualification to International Standard Nursing Graduation in its hospitals in Bavaria, Southern Germany. The offer includes during the 4-5 years contractual period the pre-financing by MBRZ of

  • Full-time German language courses from A1 to B2 level for about 10 months at German Language School “Café Deutsch” in Ho-Chi-Minh City.
  • Monthly financial allowance of 120 Euro (about 3 Mio Dong) during the time of the language courses
  • Costs of Visa, flight and other travel costs to Germany after successful finalization of the German language courses
  • 6 – 12 months theoretical and practical vocational training at the clinics of MBRZ and the connected nursing school until formal examination under German standard regulations for professional nurses
  • Assistance for housing and integration during this period
  • Contract for 3 years practical work as fully accredited nurses in Germany with full tariff salaries minus subtraction of maximum 20% for repayment of the pre-financed costs to MBRZ
  • Further working opportunities after the contractual period.

Candidates should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Honest and friendly character, willing to work hard and responsible
  • Having completed with good results a nurses professional education of four years (fulltime) at a recognized school or University in Vietnam
  • Ability of simple communication in English
  • 20 – 40 years old

Interviews with selected candidates will take place at the rooms of the German Language School “Café Deutsch” in Ho-Chi-Minh City.

You got curious or interested?

Please contact the Representative of MBRZ for this program Dr. Peter Koeppinger under (in English) or the Vietnamese advisor for the program under (in Vietnamese).

Further information on MBRZ you will find on the website of the holding (only in German)